Friday, July 1, 2016

Technology for Seniors

The latest software and hardware has the ability to enrich our lives in countless ways. There are many people that think seniors are all computer illiterate, but this is not true. Elderly people are now catching up with younger generations when it comes to utilizing modern tech.
As seniors embrace the world of technology the myth that all seniors are computer literate is becoming less popular. Even for seniors who are intimidated by the massive influx of software and devices, learning how to use them can be simple and fun. 

Using Technology to Enhance Senior Living

The number of older adults using the internet is ever increasing. According to a survey carried out by Pew Research, over 50% of all seniors in the United States are using smartphones and the internet. There are lots of senior communities that educate their residents on technology. Now we see seniors connecting with their friends and families on Facebook and using tablets to play their favorite games among other things.
Technological devices like tablets and desktop computers are universal machines that have the ability to enhance our lives in endless ways. For seniors, one of the greatest benefits is that they can connect with family members and friends. We have seen an explosion of older adults who are blogging, sharing on social media, not to mention using the web for learning.
If you have a hobby, you can bet there is an app for it. Devices like smart phones can help seniors learn about anything and find entertainment. Not only that they can use services like Google or Yelp to find local activities to take part in. Below are just technological tools that have enriched the lives of older adults:

Wireless Internet

Wireless internet is available just about anywhere in the world where you would be able to use it. Many senior communities have integrated the internet into their daily routines. People can use wireless to browse the internet, pay bills, check the weather, find a place to eat, order pizza, make appointments and much more.
One of the added benefits of wireless internet is that people can use it to communicate instantly. This helps caretakers and residents in many senior living communities stay in touch. There are desktop computers, laptops and devices built with senior citizens in mind. These products have features like easy to read screens with large type settings.

Tablets (Android or iPads)

Tablets can be used for many different applications from games like chess or scrabble to keep the brain sharp – to language learning programs and the media (pictures, eBooks, music etc.). The devices are easy to use, lightweight and can be adjusted for those with eyesight problems.

Large Flat Screen Televisions

Playing games on large screens is a popular activity among seniors. Large flat screens make it easy to see and hear for those with vision and hearing loss. Some residents who love to learn about different places and cultures, yet no longer enjoy taking long trips can enjoy travel shows and documentaries. This can often bring back fond memories of past travels and stimulate discussions as people share their memories.

Computer and Video Games

Make no mistake about it, seniors enjoy video games. Whether it’s Wii Sports, Wipeout or Wheel of Fortune – video games can provide a number of benefits. Video games can facilitate social interaction, keep you mentally sharp and even help improve fitness. 

Video Chat

Video chat programs like Google Face Time or Skype are now standard on all smart phones. This is a great way to catch up with loved ones. These applications really bridge the gap between long distances. You can see and hear your loved one’s in real time, which is more intimate than a phone call or a text. Some people even go so far as to use Skype to attend family events. Even if you cannot be there in person, you can still experience events like weddings and birthday parties with your loved ones.
What kinds of technology has been the most helpful for you or your elderly loved ones? If you have any questions regarding technology and healthcare for seniors, contact us to get started today. Total Home Health Inc. will get you in touch with experts that can answer your questions. 

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