Friday, July 15, 2016

Disease Process Education

The human body is an amazing creation, the numerous processes that must work together without fault every second of every day is rather hard to put into perspective.  The body works hard for us, so it is important that we do all we can to take care of it.  In cases of compromise, a disease can occur, and not just in humans, but also in animals and plants. 

Related to humans, a disease is defined as an impairment of the normal state of the living thing or one of its parts that interrupts or modifies the performance of its vital functions.  The process of the disease is typically manifested by distinguishing signs and symptoms that the individual will perceive as abnormal, it is a response to environmental factors (malnutrition, industrial hazards, or climate), to specific infective agents (bacteria and viruses), to inherent defects of the organism (genetic anomalies), or to a combination of any of these factors. 

If you or your loved one is faced with a health disease at some point in your life you will see that it occurs in a process that may ultimately result in death despite all medical attempts for cure and care.  The disease will progress naturally with your treatment depending solely upon the symptoms the disease is causing your body to manifest at any given time.  The treatment you seek will have the potential to interrupt the disease process, which is the goal, so that your functioning will return to normal.  Basically a disease process is the natural progression, including its symptoms and treatment, from the initial diagnosis to its final outcome.  Your disease can be resolved, become chronic, or result in death in any given amount of time.

The path your disease decides to follow and how it progresses depends upon your unique situation.  Various factors can play a role in the specificity of the path of your disease process.  Following is a list that describes factors that may play a role in the process of your disease:

Ø  Age.  This is a big factor, if you are considered elderly (especially over age 65) generally you will have an overall decrease in body functioning, whether it be your heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, or something else that is not working at its most optimal level.  A decrease in any or all of these areas may delay healing or allow for your disease process to occur more quickly. 

Ø  Nutritional Status.  A well-balanced diet is what everyone is expected to follow, however it is easier said than done.  You may be deficient in various vitamins, protein, or other components.  There are diseases that require you to adapt your diet to accommodate the disease process itself, or even for the medications you will be prescribed to take in order to maintain the symptoms.  Diabetes is a condition in which a person should pay closer attention to what they consume in their diet daily and there are also dietary items that should be avoided if you take medication for diabetes.  You must adhere strictly to the orders of your provider if you wish to achieve the best outcome.

Ø  Family History.  Genetics play a role that may predispose you to acquiring a disease that will most likely begin to worsen as you age.  Your risk will further increase if one or both of your parents also have the disease.  An example of this would be heart disease.

Ø  Gender.  Depending upon whether you are male or female may play a role in the process of your disease.  An example again is heart disease, in which men are generally at a greater risk.

Ø  Obesity.  Overall, excess weight tends to worsen almost any condition.  It is a good idea to discuss ways to manage your weight with your provider to prevent as many complications as possible.

Ø  Stress.  Your level of stress may have an effect on how fast or how slow your disease progresses.  A piece of advice is to determine ways that you can cope with stressful situations in your life should they occur, because unrelieved stress can be dangerous to your health.

The factors mentioned above can play a part in the process of your disease.  It is important for you to be educated on ways to make your outcome the best it can possibly be related to the factors that are present in your own unique situation.  There are many more factors that can also be taken into consideration that were not listed here.  Our team of highly professional staff with Total Home Health will provide you with all the information you may need so that you can take the right route to your most optimal level of functioning at any time during the disease process.

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