Friday, July 1, 2016

Aging Well for Men

It’s never too late to start aging gracefully. It starts with you, right now! We make thousands upon thousands of decisions every day. Everything we do can have some kind of impact on our health as we age. Naturally we all have our own genetic predispositions, but our habits can drastically change the quality of our lives and our health. Men may have slightly different health concerns than women as they get older. The following areas are essential to maintaining good health as we age.  


Emotional well-being can have a profound impact on our health. That’s right, love is an important part of living. Even medical insurance companies realize that this is true. Patients who are isolated and lonely seem to experience more medical problems as they age and insurance companies include this information when determining health risk factors. It’s important to avoid isolation and maintain relationships.


Vital cell function is the basis of good health, and we can support this through our diet.    You are what you eat, literally. The food we eat contain the building blocks for life. Food is directly responsible for providing sustenance for our body. Our cells need many different nutrients from food to function like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and phytonutrients. Perhaps almost as important as eating the right foods, is avoiding the wrong ones. Stay away from chemicals and foods known to be harmful.


Staying fit can keep you feeling fantastic. Most of us could stand to improve our fitness level. It’s a good plan for anyone to stay fit and exercise regularly. The most effective exercise is one that you can do is one that you will actually do. What does this mean? If you start an exercise routine, stick with it. Choose something that enjoy that you know you can commit to.
Think about the things you like. Are you into hiking, weight lifting, swimming, Pilates or Thai Chi? There is an endless list of activities and exercises for all levels of fitness. You are as young as you feel. Meditation is also great for our minds. It can help reduce stress and pay more attention to how we feel. Yoga is a great way to align your spine as well as your chakras.

Dietary Supplements

Hormones and supplements are an important aspect of aging well. Your doctor can help you decide which supplements or hormones may be beneficial for you. You can get bloodwork done to see your personal risk factors. This will include measurements of your testosterone levels and any nutrient deficiencies you may have.  
Many men can benefit from taking testosterone supplements. Symptoms of low testosterone can be fatigue, depression and low libido. Some important supplements for aging men are:
·       Vitamin D
·       Vitamin C
·       Omega-3 fatty acids
·       Vitamin E
Vitamin B
·       Selenium
·       Zinc
·       Magnesium

Prostate Health

It’s important to monitor your prostate health. For men over the age of 60, prostate cancer is one of the leading causes of death. Stay aware of the symptoms and watch out for trouble urinating, sexual dysfunction and other tell-tale symptoms. Getting your prostate checked regularly can help you detect any problems early on.

Common Health Risks

There are many common risk factors that can be identified early by a health care professional. Markers that can indicate problems include vitamin D, C Reactive Protein, Homocysteine, Hemoglobin A1C and alkaline state. These markers can be assessed and reviewed by your doctor to determine the state of your blood sugar, cardiovascular health, inflammatory response and your digestive function.

Aging Well

Don’t underestimate the mind-body connection. Being mindful of how you are feeling can payoff bigtime. Learn to nurture those around you and communicate better. This can reduce stress and keep you healthy. What you think, the things you say, what you eat and what you do is all part of aging well.
Your health care provider will work with you to determine what course of action is best for you. Total Home Health can connect you with experienced health care experts who are ready to help you live a long, healthy and fulfilling life. Join today to learn jumpstart a longer, healthier life.

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