Friday, July 15, 2016

Initial IV Medication Dose Administration

You or your loved one may need to receive medication through IV at some point in your life.  If this is the case your medication will be given through your veins and will take effect much more quickly than the alternative ways.  IV medication can either be given as an IV push, or as an IV drip, which is a slower infusion rate.  The method in which your IV medication will be administered depends on your current situation and illness.  The IV route is generally preferred in emergency situations to ensure rapid absorption of the medication into the bloodstream to make positive changes more quickly back toward the patient’s baseline.  Medications, fluid, and blood products are all appropriate to be given via an IV.

Your Total Home Health nurse will initially take the important step of checking your allergies and your IV site where the IV product is going to be infused.  The IV site should be unremarkable; this means there should be no redness, warmth or swelling.  You should also voice no complaints of discomfort at the site, if possible.  Next, the nursing professional should explain the procedure to you, along with the medication that is going to be administered to obtain your consent (approval) for treatment.  Before the initial dose of IV medication is given the nursing professional also must follow the six rights of medication administration, which include:

Ø  The right patient.  Nurse should verify the correct patient is being treated in two different ways, for example asking the patient to verify his or her name and birth date.
Ø  The right medication.  Nurse should verify that the medication being administered matches the order written by the physician.
Ø  The right dose.  Nurse should verify that the medication dosage is correct on the IV solution bag, as well as on the order written by the physician.
Ø  The right time.  Nurse should verify that the medication is going to be administered during the correct timeframe as prescribed by the physician.
Ø  The right route.  Nurse should verify that the medication is indeed supposed to be administered via an IV site.
Ø  Following up with the right documentation.  It’s simple, if you didn’t document it, you didn’t do it.  Nurse should always obtain consent to begin the medication.  Time when the IV medication was started and the end time should be documented, along with all other documentation suitable in describing the IV site, and if there were any adverse reactions to the medication.

The professionals at Total Home Health know the risks to the health of each and every client if careful attention is not given to each step above before, during and after your IV medication is administered.  It is important to us, and even more important to you if we strictly abide by the rules in order to achieve safe and effective treatment for you.  If ever you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to approach our friendly staff to get your answers.

Keep in mind that IV medication will be absorbed quickly and completely by your bloodstream, which can potentially be dangerous if the incorrect dosage or the wrong medication is given.  Generally, if there are any adverse reactions to the product that is given IV, they will occur within the first few minutes after beginning the infusion.  With Total Home Health, our professionals will check and double check all the medications you are to receive via your IV and remain with you in your home for the duration of the infusion.  Your safety and optimal health are two of our biggest goals.  If ever we feel you are developing an adverse reaction you will still be in good hands because we will get you the emergency treatment you need by quickly abiding by the emergency protocols provided by Total Home Health.

Don’t wait, Total Home Health has a program that is just right for all your needs related to your treatment with IV products.  Our professional staff understands how much of an inconvenience having an IV may be for you and your loved ones.  We will help you function as independently as possible for the duration of your treatment.  The journey will have its ups and downs, but we will definitely do all in our power to make it as smooth as possible.

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